Corrie van Binsbergen Solo

Playing as well as listening a solo concert is something special, it’s an intimate musical date of musician and audience. With CVB solo you dive in the deep, everything is open, everything can happen. In improvisations she paints her self portraits on the spot, from the deepest dark and raving reds along bubbly yellows and happy greens into a pale blue.

CVB’s first solo album Self Portrait in Pale Blue was released by Brokken Records and was presented at the Amsterdam Bimhuis December 2013. The album received many positive reactions and record company Challenge signed CVB for a series of more self portrait soloalbums to come.

CVB’s liner notes on her first solo album Self Portrait in Pale Blue:
In August 2013 I had made a reservation to do a recording at the Fattoria Musica Studio.  The scheduled project however, was cancelled. Pianist and good friend Albert van Veenendaal suggested using the studio days to record my own album instead. A solo album. After initial doubts (‘who is waiting for this?’ and ‘what pieces am I going to play?), the idea settled in my head. OK, I will go there, but totally unprepared. Tabula Rasa. Just sit down and play and see where I stand. The only assignment for myself was to take time, let time in. Let it last and play as few notes as possible. It has become a time document, a self-portrait.


highly expressive tone poems like a fine haiku
Corrie van Binsbergen’s musical aesthetics are often compared to charismatic, extrovert guitarists from the school of Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa or Marc Ribot. Her first solo album is something completely different….The outcome is beautiful, subtle and often has highly colorful, cinematic qualities. She can portray a deep emotional experience, contemplating on it patiently with few, concise strokes, wisely adding various effects that intensify the atmosphere. All are highly expressive tone poems like a fine haiku, and all sound as continuous parts in a bigger, coherent and focused journey. (Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz, 2014)

unique guitar treatment
To make the guitar an extensive field of experimentation; convert it into a vast canvas of possibilities; to escape from all the places communes throughout the history of modern music. Corrie Van Binsbergen supports all of these qualities with her unique guitar treatment….
Crackles and harmonics of amazing subtlety, that carry the listener to a innovative dream sound. She upsets, intelligently, the typical uses of the guitar, giving it a language entirely away from rigid structural diagrams. (Gustavo Bustamante, Jazztimes, 2014)

an uplifting experience
Thanks to her musicianship van Binsbergen channels her experiences in sober and to the point musical constructions, never losing themselves in a technical facade. And because of this, this self portrait, that van Binsbergen dedicated to her mother, is at the same time a very uplifting experience. (Dolf Mulder, Vital weekly, 2014)

what for me was a new discovery, for others was already a proven entity
It was a nice surprise, a few years ago, when, totally by chance, I happened to “discover” the mature, expressive guitarist Corrie van Binsbergen. When, just a few days later, while talking with a friend over the phone, I tried to remember the name of the fine musician I had just “discovered”, the best I could come up with was “Corrie van… Something.”. “You mean Corrie van Binsbergen?”, he said. And so it immediately dawned on me that what for me was a “new discovery”, for others was already a proven entity…..The player’s touch being very clean and expressive, the album’s sound being quite beautiful, listeners are invited to turn their amp’s volume knob to the right. I hate sounding like a paid advertisement, but I would not be surprised if quite a few people found themselves to be in love with this album, well beyond the usual boundaries of this “genre” (?).
(Beppe Colli, 2014, Italy)
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