Corrie van Binsbergen guitar Rutger van Otterloo saxes Arend Niks drums Mick Paauwe bass

Short, surprising, catchy compositions, which jump from jazz to pop, impro and contemporary music. CRAM played from 2005 until 2012. Their CD ‘For a dog’ received much acclaim from both press and public. The quartet collaborated among others with the Moroccan singer Touria Hadraoui and the Rumanian cimbalom player Vasile Nedea. CRAM played in Holland (i.e. at North Sea Jazz), Belgium, Italy, Morocco, Brazil, Lithuania, India and China.

a few pressquotes:

  • CRAM is a small band that plays their music with tons of fun. 
  • Beautiful kaleidoscopical music played sharp as a knife! 
  • CRAM was one of the most surprising acts on The North Sea Festival. 
  • CRAM is absolutely recommended for both audience and programmers!