Dansen op een glazen plafond

Amazing, so much talent. — NRC Handelsblad

(Dancing on a glass ceiling) Alternative female only variety show with writers, poets, musicians from all kinds of genres, singer songwriters, a cabaret artist and a tap dancer. With poets Anne Vegter, Tjitske Jansen, Ellen Deckwitz, writers Manon Uphoff, Christine Otten, Esther Gerritsen, singer songwriter Frédérique Spigt, cabaret artist Sanne Wallis de Vries, and musicians Tineke de Jong, Esther Apituley, Saartje Van Camp, Hermine Deurloo, Tini Thomsen, Corrie van Binsbergen, Nora Mulder, Miriam Overlach, Mick Paauwe, Tatiana Koleva, tap dancer Marije Nie.

A second, smaller edition of the project followed in autumn 2015 in Belgium with writer Griet Op De Beeck and singer songwriter Hannelore Bedert.

More info: dansenopeenglazenplafond.nl or dansenopeenglazenplafond.be

I always kept away from female only projects, because I find that it shouldn’t matter whether a man or a woman are on stage. But this time I thought it was time to focus on this issue. Because not a lot has changed since I started in the music world. And the literary world is not much different. Strange. And a pity as well. All the women  participating in this project think alike. Autumn 2013, Corrie van Binsbergen

Sanne Wallis de Vries standup comedy Anne Vegter, Tjitske Jansen, Manon Uphoff, Christine Otten, Esther Gerritsen, Ellen Deckwitz presentation Frédérique Spigt singer Tineke de Jong violin Esther Apituley viola Saartje Van Camp cello, singing saw Hermine Deurloo harmonica, soprano sax Tini Thomsen baritone sax, bass clarinet Nora Mulder piano Miriam Overlach harp Mick Paauwe double bass Tatiana Koleva percussion, vibraphone Marije Nie tapdance Corrie van Binsbergen guitar, compilation, production