The ways in which van Binsbergen merges her music with the often eye-catching images of the movie are of an unparalleled order. — Cinemagazine

Touria Hadraoui singer Werner Herbers oboe David Kweksilber reeds Arjen de Graaf viola Nora Mulder harmonium, cimbalom Ernestine Stoop harp Tatiana Koleva vibraphone, marimba, percussion Meinrad Kneer double bass Michael Vatcher percussion Corrie van Binsbergen guitar and compositions

On April 14th 2007 during the Filmmuseum Biënnale the premiere of L’Atlantide took place, a silent movie from 1921 by Jacques Feyder with music composed by Corrie van Binsbergen.

The beautiful images, mostly filmed in the Sahara, inspired her to form a unique ensemble, with Moroccan singer Touria Hadraoui and guest soloist Werner Herbers. It was considered by many the highlight of the Biennale of 2007.