Literature & Music

She translates the work of an author into a magical moment

A unique and original combination of literature and music. Writers or poets & spoken words artists recite from their work while a musical scenario is simultaneously performed. The music and literature work together as a movie for the ears. Van Binsbergen did a lot of musical encounters on the spot. Often this encounter led to a new production in collaboration with the writer.

Remco Campert, Toon Tellegen, Manon Uphoff, Kees van Kooten, P.F. Thomése, Renate Dorrestein, Josse De Pauw (Be), Rascha Peper, Elvis Peeters (Be) , A.L. Snijders, Hans Dagelet, Tommy Wieringa, Esther Gerritsen, Griet Op de Beeck (Be), Dimitri Verhulst (Be).

poets: Ramsey Nasr, Tonnus Oosterhoff, Hagar Peeters, Anne Vegter, Ellen Deckwitz, Jules Deelder, Erik Jan Harmens, Tjitske Jansen, Ingmar Heytze, Paul Bogaert (Be), Remco Campert, Toon Tellegen, Luis Chaves (Costa Rica)