Instant composing of the highest order. — Jazzenzo

Albert van Veenendaal prepared piano Alan Purves percussion and more

The TWO AL’S play bizarre, cheerful, exuberant and melancholic, squeaky and freaky songs on prepared piano and percussion. A surprising, imaginative world with unheard of sounds that touch the soul directly, created on the spot by two adventurous musicians. Together with Dutch writer A.L. Snijders they form the special group THREE AL’S.

Albert van Veenendaal refers to himself as ‘pictorial musician’ because of the epical and cinematic character of his music. Improvisation and composition go hand in hand and merge seamlessly. With an open approach and interaction with his fellow musicians he creates musical constructions that are unconventional and intuitive, displaying his unique style that is instantly recognizable.

Alan ‘Gunga’ Purves is a completely unique percussionist, always looking for new sounds and playing methods. Many bands and musicians have worked with him, such as Carel Craayenhof, Fernando Lameirinhas, Tjeerd Bomhoff (Dazzled Kid), Sean Bergin, Ernst Reijseger, John Zorn and many others. The collaboration with Corrie van Binsbergen goes back to 1999 and is highlighted by the many concerts with Toon Tellegen en het Wisselend Toonkwintet.