For a dog




CVB guitar
Rutger van Otterloo
Arend Niks
Mick Paauwe

In 2005 CVB was invited to the ‘Rencontres Musicales de Rabat’ in Morocco. She put together a quartet for the occasion. In December 2005 CRAM played its first concert at the festival. It was so successful that a new band was born! They performed together with the Moroccan singer Touria Hadraoui on the second day of the same festival. This collaboration continued in 2007 and 2008. In 2007 CRAM performed at the prestigious North Sea Jazz Festival as one of the most surprising acts. The group released its first CD ‘For a dog’ in 2008, which got great reviews from both press and public. That same year they performed in The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Brazil.


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CD Recensie – Hechte jazz van CRAM — NRC/Handelsblad, Frans van Leeuwen (15-08-2008)
CRAM – For a Dog —, mischa beckers (17-06-2008)
CD Recensie CRAM – For a Dog — bs, erik verzijl (12-01-2008)


Tracks1. Next Day2. Breakfast3. Penguin village4. De trein naar Ulan Bator5. Blues for Penelope6. Hop7. Wrong train8. Downunder9. Kortjakje10. Een stukje structuur11. For a dog12. Silver13. The lake isle of InnisfreeTotal time 55:24Opgenomen maart 2008 in Osnabrück. Uitgebracht door Brokken Records.Corrie van Binsbergen gitaarRutger van Otterloo alt-, sopraan-, baritonsaxArend Niks drumsMick Paauwe babybass&Carlo de Wijs Hammond orgel op tracks 5, 9 & 11Hein Offermans bas op tracks 8 & 11Compositiestracks 1, 2, 4 , 5, 10, 11, 13 Corrie van Binsbergentracks 3, 7, 10 Arend Nikstracks 8, 12 Mick Paauwetrack 6 Chris Abelen

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