Midday Moon

Tineke de Jong & Albert van Veenendaal


15,00 12,50



Tineke and Albert began playing regularly as of February 2006 to explore a mix between two worlds: a classical violinist inspired by jazz standards and an improvising pianist without stylistic boundaries. Alan and Hans joined later, adding their own unique styles of improvisation.


Tracks1 Midday Moon2 Sunday on Saturn3 Arctic Blues4 Night and Day5 A Man, a Love6 Moving Air7 Day Dream8 Premonition9 Friendly Fire10 Pebbles and Rocks11 Harlem Nocturne12 We are seeing Things13 Celtic Boop14 I told it on the Mountain BezettingTineke de Jong vioolAlbert van Veenendaal (prepared) pianoAlan Purves percussie, penny whistlesHans Hasebos marimba, percussieCompositiestracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 12, 14 Tineke de Jongtrack 4 Cole Portertrack 6 Tineke, Alan and Hans Hasebostrack 7 Ellington/Strayhorntrack 8, 9 Albert van Veenendaaltrack 10 Tineke and Alberttrack 11 Earle Hagentrack 13 Tineke and Alan Purves