No Trace

Duo Van Otterloo Van Veenendaal



Duo Van Otterloo Van Veenendaal
Rutger van Otterloo soprano, baritone & c-melody saxophones
Albert van Veenendaal piano

No trace
I wished to vanish, leaving no trace, took the wrong exit.
A so called full spoon moon was shining from the sky.
I got to a lighthouse, read the note on the door:
‘No fuss, I’ll be home for brunch.’
I went in, climbed the 34 steps into ‘Reality’,
where some dude taught ‘Ventriloquism on patrol’
to a bunch of sitting ducks.
I didn’t waste my precious time and went on,
I had a one way ticket to Tibet, didn’t want to get sad and lonely.
But then I heard music, piano and saxophone,
I stopped in my tracks, listened and vanished in the groove.
Toon Tellegen


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01 No trace
02 Wrong exit
03 Full spoon moon
04 Lighthouse
05 Home for brunch
06 34 steps into reality
07 Ventriloquism
08 On patrol
09 One way ticket to Tibet
10 Sad & Lonely

Total playing time 44:17

Recorded on various dates in 2013 & 2014 by Albert van Veenendaal in his Amsterdam garden house.
Edits & Pre-production Rutger van Otterloo
Mixed and Mastered Marc Broer
Photography Monique Besten
Design Andreas Stillman


All compositions Albert van Veenendaal, commissioned by Performing Arts Fund

Track 4 (lighthouse) is inspired by Jeanette Winterson’s novel Lighthousekeeping
Track 5 (home for brunch) is inspired by Eric Dolphy’s album Out to lunch

Brokken Records 008 is a Stichting Brokken Production
Stichting Brokken is financially supported by the Dutch government and the Amsterdam Art Council

Thanks to Toon Tellegen, Monique Besten, Marc Broer, Jodi Gilbert (her lyrics inspired Albert to write tracks 1, 2, 6)

Very special thanks to Corrie van Binsbergen for her limitless passion for the new & unexpected.