CLUB 100 REVISITED – HKU edition

    Back again: CLUB 100, now evenings full of young talent from the HKU.
    Donation based event.

    dinsdag 12 maart:
    Zofia Sofinka Imiela 6 voices & traditional Turkish drum
    Mauro Riva percussion & Jonathan Spieser viola
    Mick Jansen trio electric guitar, bassguitar, drums
    Vasilis Papadopoulos & band

    dinsdag 9 april:
    Marilena Karapataki vocals, keys, double bass, drums 
    Damien Bosch vocals, guitars, bass, drums
    Mathilde van der Meij trio poetry/spoken word
    Hanna Boudewijnse vocals, trumpet, altosax, tenorsax, guitar, double bass, drums

    dinsdag 14 mei:
    Andromedaris vocals, violin, double bass, piano
    Fay vocals/drums, guitar, piano/keys, double bass
    Hami Group piano, double bass, drums
    Guido Jens Hoek Group vocals, electronics, keys

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