Guitarist, composer and band leader Corrie van Binsbergen finished her classical guitar studies in 1983. She has been active in a very wide musical range and played with numerous different bands and groups, in pop, jazz and improvised music, music for theatre and dance productions, recording sessions, TV-shows and even the circus. This very broad musical background can be heard in her music. She has developed her own characteristic style both in playing and composing. Nowadays Van Binsbergen mainly works as a composer.

In 1999 Corrie van Binsbergen received the Boy Edgar prize (the most prestigious award in Dutch jazz- and improvised music) for her creativity, craftsmanship and versatility. This prize is considered an oeuvre-prize.

In 1986 she started her own band ‘Corrie en de Brokken’, and 10 years later ‘Corrie en de Grote Brokken’ consisting of twelve top musicians from the Dutch jazz and pop world. In 1996 she also founded the ‘Stichting Brokken’, with which she realises a new, surprising and successful production every one or two years, where she brings together different musical styles and (cross) art forms for a far broader audience than jazz concerts can reach. She combines music and literature to ‘movies for your ears’.

CVB has received numerous commissions for compositions from organizations that include Dutch radio and TV, Dutch Filmmuseum, Holland Festival, Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, Mondriaan String Quartet, Zapp String Quartet, Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet, Radio Symphony Orchestra, Asko|Schönberg Ensemble & Barbara Hannigan.

Press quotes

  • Corrie van Binsbergen’s musical aesthetics are often compared to charismatic, extrovert guitarists from the school of Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa or Marc Ribot. (All about jazz)
  • To make the guitar an extensive field of experimentation; convert it into a vast canvas of possibilities; to escape from all the places communes throughout the history of modern music. Corrie Van Binsbergen supports all of these qualities with her unique guitar treatment. (JazzTimes)

Unique and beautiful album
— Salt Peanuts*, Eyal Hareuveni (17-05-2017)

Corrie van Binsbergen hits the bull’s eye again
— CloudsandClocks.net, Beppe Colli (13-04-2017)

Vivacious, full of variety, exuberant, well recorded, very well played
— CloudsandClocks.net, Beppe Colli (28-02-2017)

Review CD ‘Live’
— Salt Peanuts, Eyal Hareuveni (06-09-2016)

— blog Vera Vingerhoeds (01-02-2016)

AMN Reviews: Corrie van Binsbergen – Self Portrait in Pale Blue
— Avant Music News, Stephen Fruitman (16-03-2015)

A powerful and moving sonic document
— All About Jazz, Eyal Hareuveni (02-02-2014)

Melancholic, serene beauty
— Clouds and Clocks, Beppe Colli (19-01-2014)

A very uplifting experience
— Vital Weekly, Dolf Mulder (13-01-2014)

April 2017
> Interview Corrie van Binsbergen
Beppe Colli, Clouds and Clocks

June 2006
extensive interview Corrie van Binsbergen (pdf)
Rineke Smilde – Lifelong Learning in Music & the Arts

For all her own bands and productions Corrie van Binsbergen composed her own music. She composed hundreds of pieces.
Read, listen, watch the differents projects here or on her Youtube-channel.


  • New work for Orkest De Ereprijs (2023)
  • Three new pieces for Solar Orbiter Metropole Orchestra (2023)
  • Een huid van klank Asko|Schönberg, November Music (2022)
  • Four pieces for Metropole Orchestra (2022)
  • De liefste wens Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra & Phion (2021)
  • Suite Fifteen City of Amsterdam (2018)
  • Dancing on a glass ceiling marimba solo for Tatiana Koleva (2015)
  • Ont for NTR Radio (2015)
  • Een lege plek for NTR Radio (2015)
  • Big Bang Festival ZonZo Companie Belgium (2013)
  • Tussen Pavlovsk en Oostvoorne VU Orchestra (2012)
  • Soundtrack movie Mijn avonturen door V Swchwrm (2012)
  • Hemel David Kweksilber BigBand (2008)
  • Side Note: Howard Report, page 30 Asko|Schönberg & Barbara Hannigan (2008)
  • The adventures of O Imperial City Orchestra (2008)
  • L’Atlantide Biënnale Filmmuseum (2007)
  • Thursday 12th Flat Earth Society (2007)
  • Grow with the flow Tetzepi (2007)
  • Silent Movements Asko Ensemble (2007)
  • November Geert Chatrou (2006)
  • Lucy in the sky music theatre Yolande Bertsch & Frédérique Spigt (2006)
  • On a dark dark cloud 9 ZAPP String Quartet (2005)
  • The Fifth Element Electra (2005)
  • Elementaire deeltjes Mondriaan strijkkwartet & Loeki Stardust (2005)
  • The Magic Sock Asko Ensemble (2003)
  • Zoot-Suit for Rosa Rosa Ensemble (2003)
  • Movements for electric guitar and Orchestra  Holland Festival (2003)
  • Erdgeist Biënnale Filmmuseum on a dramatic score of Ivo van Hove ((2003)
  • Seven Pieces Nederlands Blazers Ensemble (2002)
  • Metropolis Filmmuseum (2002)
  • Jamamba VPRO TV
  • Hintertreppe ‘ein Kammerspiel’ Filmmuseum (2001)
  • Krantenkoppen Ricciotti Ensemble (2001)
  • Staafmannetjes music & live controlled animations (2000)
  • I wasn’t talking guitar & soundtrack Holland Festival (2000)
  • Nico Scapino Ballet arrangements (1999)
  • Joni Mitchell arrangements Holland Festival (1998)
  • European women in Music Congress Remscheid (1994)
  • Bits and Pieces NPS Jazzmarathon (1991)



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