Het duister dat ons scheidt

Renate Dorrestein in Concert



Renate Dorrestein about her concert: “I felt like Sting. It was great to sit on stage with all these swinging musicians around me. Sometimes I could hardly concentrate on reading my texts, I wanted to hear the music so bad. It was incredibly inspiring. Afterwards I immediately told Corrie: ‘I want to go on tour with you!’”

Corrie van Binsbergen about Renate Dorrestein: “Whenever I start reading a book by Renate Dorrestein, I brush pressing matters to one side and forgo sleep; in any case I just have to finish that book first.”

‘Het duister dat ons scheidt’ (The Darkness that Divides Us) by Renate Dorrestein is as exciting as a Hitchcock movie. A very attractive mixture of humor and suspense. The music is as the soundtrack for a movie for the ears. The suspense is delivered by a booming musical apotheosis.

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Live opgenomen in het Bimhuis te Amsterdam op 11 mei 2005.Uitgebracht door Uitgeverij Contact.TracksCD11 Proloog2-6 A is een aardbei7 B is een brandnetel8 Intermezzo9-10 B is een brandnetel (vervolg)CD21 Intermezzo2-7 C is een crisis8-9 D is dood10 intermezzo11-12 D is dood (vervolg)13 EpiloogRenate Dorrestein Verteller Tobias Delius tenorsax, klarinetWilbert de Joode basAlan ‘Gunga’ Purves percussieTineke de Jong vioolBaptist Kurvers altvioolMarjolein Meijer celloJan Willem van der Ham fagot, altsaxAlbert van Veenendaal (prepared) pianoCorrie van Binsbergen gitaarTeksten Renate Dorrestein ‘Het Duister dat ons scheidt’Composities Corrie van Binsbergen, behalveCD1, track 4 (‘Fleet street’, Chris Abelen)CD1, track 5 en CD2, tracks 5, 8, 9 (Delius, De Joode, Purves)