The Midge

CD by Andy Bruce & The Rigidly Righteous




A Dutch/Scottish sextet marrying contemporary forms of jazz and improvisation with music firmly grounded in the Scottish tradition.


Recorded and mastered by Frans de Rond at Het Huis van Eustachius, Hilversum, September 2008.
Additional recordings and mix by Sander Hop at Flintsteeg Studio, Amersfoort.

1 The Midge
2 The Bubblyjock
3 The Four Marys
4 As Honest Jacob
5 Use Jenobo
6 Awa’ Wi Yer Witchcraft
7 Pass the Parcel
8 Thou Hast Left Me Ever, Jamie
9 Where Haggis Safely Graze
10 Haggis Hunt
11 Requiem For a Midge

line up:
Andy Bruce – trombone, vocals
Hermine Deurloo – chromatic harmonica, soprano saxophone
Frans Cornelissen – tuba
Martin Fondse – keyboards, melodica, flute
Sander Hop – guitar
Alan Purves – drums & percussion

tracks 1,2,5,7,9,10 Andy Bruce
tracks 4,6,8 R. Burns arr. Andy Bruce
track 3 traditional arr. Andy Bruce
track 11 Sander Hop