Stichting Brokken is in the fortunate position of receiving structural funding from the Dutch government (Dutch Performing Art Fund) for which we are very grateful. But sometimes our ambitions exceed our budget.

Moreover the Dutch Performing Arts Fund increasingly insists that grant recipients generate as much ‘own revenue’ as possible. This is revenue acquired through ticket sales, but also through private funding or other donations. The ratio of subsidy to own revenue is a hot item in the political world and is vital to our survival. That is why we founded a Brokken Friends club. Our foundation is a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI) which gives donors several tax benefits.

If you are enthusiastic about our projects and organization and would like to become a Brokken Friend, please send me an email or drop by the Brokken office and we can discuss the way in which you would like to support us.

With kind regards,